Sienna Spray Tan System

(Not booth)


Spray Application

Our sun spray enables you to achieve a natural tan that is 100% UV free.

Just a touch of a button disperses a subtle mist that creates a smooth, even, just off the beach look in less than 25 minutes.

The depth of colour is up to you, but we will help you decide what’s best.

You need to exfoliate before you come, and remember to bring loose clothes with you for the journey home.

Full body application £20.00

Full body booster applications within 4 days are £10.00



Self Tanning Manually Applied 

A complete body treatment in itself.

It’s a full body exfoliation first that leaves the skin velvety, smooth and revitalised ready for the careful application of the Auto Bronzant Lumière by Decléor.

The tan develops in around 2hours.

Perfect to brighten up a winter complexion, top up an existing tan or to achieve a sun kissed look for a special occasion.

1 hour. £36.00

Please Note

If you do not require a full body tan, we can just do areas of preference, e.g. face, arms, legs.

Price on application